some moments in my life.

Эти фотографии отрывки некоторых моментов в моей жизни, да, они банальны, но мне настолько нравилась та обстановка, и к счастью, со мной был фотоаппарат!
Надеюсь, вам понравятся эти кадры! И еще, всем, кто комментировал, спасибо огромное!

These photographs are excerpts of some moments in my life, yes, they are banal, but I'm so liked that situation, and luckily had a camera with me!
I hope you enjoy these shots! And yet, everyone who commented, thank you very much!

I had nothing to do:)

Kremlin night
I drove by, and it was so beautiful that I could not not make the frame. This is the night! And I think he looks mysterious! :)a lateral side of the Kremlin.

the view from my window1
Okay, I was sitting in the room, and was a pretty good day and a beautiful sky. I do not know what you think, but I like it! it was the view from my window. summer? yeah!:)

the view from my window3

my daisy
This photo really liked me, and now it sits on my desktop. And I did it myself, it's amazing, I was shocked when I saw her on screen! It turned out better than I thought.

I hope you like it!
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